Attendance Requirements

Attendance requirements help ensure that each member is actively engaged in the clube and our mission.

Fifty Percent Rule

A member must attend (or make up) fifty percent of all meetings from July to December and also all meetings from January to June.

Sixty Percent Rule

It is expected that the member be present for sixity percent of the actual meeting in order for attendance to count.
Note:  This rule is not strictly enforced; however we encourage all members to attend the full meeting in order to make the most of your Rotary membership.

Consecutive Four

If a member fails to attend or makeup four consecutive meetings thes shall be informed that the absence may be considered a request for termination of membership in the club.
Note:  If a member is absent for three meetings within four weeks, the Club Secretary will contact the member to notify him or her of makeup opportunities.

Home Club Attendance

A member must attend thirty percent (30%) of the meetings of the home club in each half-year.

Rule of 85

If a member's age is 65 years and in combination with years in Rotary total 85 or more, the member may request in writing, to the Club Secretary that the Board excuse him or her from attendance rules.  If a Rule of 85 attends a meeting it may be counted for attendance total.

Leave of Absence

A leave of absence may be granted by the board.  The members may request, in writing, to the Club Secretary that the Board excuse him or her from attendance rules for a set period of time.  If approved, the member will be expected to pay dues of $20 per quarter.  The member is still welcome to attend club meetings when able, but the member will be expected to pay a $10 fee per meeting attended.

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