After Hours Rotarians at the Danville Science Center Dome Theater

Representing Danville Science Center, I was thrilled to host the After Hours Rotary Club on March 11 for a full dome theater experience. The Dome Theater is the newly opened addition to the Science Center's interactive and natural history galleries. The theater adds a dramatic element to the mix of offerings at the Center and a dramatic contrasting aesthetic to the historic tobacco warehouse district! The evening's events launched downtown at Dell'Anno's Pizza Kitchen with a light meal and maybe even a beer for all. At 6 p.m. the gang piled into the Science Center lobby to mingle with the last of the STEM open house crowd. As folks finished arriving, they were ushered through the light lock into the Dome Theater. After thanking everyone for coming over, I turned the program over to my co-pilot, Adam Goebel. He took us up, up and away into the cosmos - flying us through the known universe to examine the full range of our solar system and beyond. We also previewed the full range of shows from butterflies to aliens and programs and imagery that can run in the dome. Our hope is that everyone had a blast and will return soon and often!

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